Scuffle in court: Delhi Police files FIRs against unknown persons

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New Delhi, Feb. 18 (ANI): The Delhi Police on Thursday registered two FIRs against unknown persons over scuffles in the Patiala House Court that took place yesterday.

Earlier, two groups of lawyers were seen raising slogans inside the court premises and beating up each other and journalists.

There were two groups of lawyers present. One pro-Kanhaiya and another anti-Kanhaiya. I was curious as to what was happening. So, I went over to the side of the police to find out what was happening. An anti-Kanhaiya lawyer saw me taking a picture and started beating me up,” said one of the journalists.

He added that the police stood on watching as he got thrashed by the lawyers.

“I told them again and again to save me but to no avail. I have a picture of the clash that ensured with me,” he added.

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The lawyers, yesterday, chanted pro-India slogans and carried the national flag as a scuffle broke out among them during the proceedings of Jawaharlal Nehru students’ union president Kanhaiya Kumar.

Earlier on Monday, a group of lawyers and others, including Delhi BJP legislator O.P. Sharma, were seen beating up reporters and students, calling them ‘anti-national’. (ANI)

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