Security cooperation between India, UAE exemplary, says MEA

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New Delhi, Feb. 10 (ANI): The security cooperation between India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been exemplary, and there is a complete meeting of minds on this issue, said Secretary (East), Ministry of External Affairs, Anil Wadhwa here on Wednesday.

In terms of counter-terrorism steps, officials of both sides meet regularly, while a media briefing on State Visit of Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan visit to India.

When asked when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Dubai, the issues pertaining to Dawood’s property came up and India had handed over a list to them; has there been any progress made in this matter or will there be a discussion on it, Wadhwa said these are ongoing cases, what stage they are at the moment, I myself am not in a position to answer.

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Taking about UAE’s interest in investing in the defence sector, he said that’s an ongoing negotiation at the moment and the sectors have not been finalised yet.

“In case there is a requirement of collaboration in the nuclear field, once again our concerned agencies are in touch and they would be able to collaborate with each other,” he said while answering a question about cooperation in civil nuclear energy.

Talking about India’s interest in collaborating with the UAE in its Mars mission in 2020, Secretary (East) said, “India has capabilities and expertise in launch, and also in production capability. We can assist in that process. So, we would like to collaborate in this effort as far as the UAE is concerned and our ISRO is very much willing to step forward in that direction.”

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Hinting at the possibility of India manufacturing defence equipment with other countries in our country which can be exported to the UAE, he said joint production, in order to meet the requirement of the investing state as well as India and even third countries, if that is possible.

Replying to a question that when the PM went to the UAE, there was this talk of UAE wanting to invest around $75 billion in our projects, how much of it is likely to materialise during the Crown Prince’s visit, Wadhwa said “In terms of investments, the figure mentioned in our joint statement was investments up to $75 billion. That needs to be realised over time. The first such step in this direction would be taken when we discuss about UAE investments in our National Investment Fund, which has just been set up, and also in the field of electronics which we have been discussing in the past. Of course there are other areas that UAE investors have been talking about. The 100-strong business delegation, which is there in Mumbai, will be discussing these issues further over the next few days. Some of them will stay back for the ‘Make in India’ as well. And I think there would be a substantial amount that would be negotiated over the next few months.” (ANI)

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