Security Council cannot reflect geo-political architecture of 1945: MEA

Washington D.C, Sept 23 (ANI): Speaking about India’s candidature for the UN Security Council, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Spokesman Vikas Swarup has said, “We, together with the like-minded countries, have been saying it that the Security Council cannot reflect the geo-political architecture of 1945 and over the years, India has been leading the process of UN reform, especially the UN Security Council reform.”

“We have been working on through the medium of G4 (India, Germany, Japan and Brazil). We have also been working through the medium of L19 (Groups of 14 plus developing countries), including several countries from Africa and Latin America. And most importantly, we are working through the medium of the inter-governmental negotiations,” he told the media here.

“Recently, a landmark decision was taken to introduce text to the inter-governmental negotiations (which was without text for seven years) and we look at this as a very positive development. It means finally we have a piece of paper on which give and take can happen and sustentative negotiations can begin. And, perhaps, the 70th anniversary of the United Nations offers the international community the ideal opportunity to affect the long-delayed reforms of the UN Security Council,” Swarup. (ANI)

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