Security-minded Conservatives now in the lead

Toronto, October 2 (CINEWS) The latest Forum Research poll out this week shows that the Conservatives who have been running neck to neck with the Liberals followed by the NDP are now leading with 34 per cent, the NDP follows at 28 per cent while surprisingly the Liberals are trailing at 24 per cent.
All this comes after a decent performance by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau at the Monk debate this week at the Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto.
What seems to have really resonated with many voters however was the niqab controversy, 64 per cent of voters strongly oppose women wearing a veil while taking the citizenship oath. Political pundits concede that the NDP and Liberals by defending veiled women taking their citizenship oaths was a risky position that could cost the two parties dearly.
While many Canadians are fed-up with having the Conservatives at the helm for ten years and would like to give the NDP or the Liberals a chance to lead, they are also worried about certain policies announced by them that could make a bad economic situation even worse.
Although they would like to see the Conservatives go, it has to be conceded that Canada came through the great recession in 2009 which left the American and many European economies floundering.
Furthermore, the Conservatives have unabashedly made security a non-negotiable issue and with what’s going on in the Middle-East coupled with the Syrian refugee crisis and jihadists from Canada who have and may likely end up joining ISIS, many Canadians applaud the Conservatives on Bill C-51, stripping convicted terrorists off their citizenship.
When it comes to the economy, many voters Can-India spoke are divided. Some think the Liberals’ economic plan which calls for massive spending on infrastructure could create jobs and spur on the economy. Others worry that reckless spending could infact weaken the economy over time and would inevitably lead to taxes going up.
But it isn’t the economic plan that have given momentum to the Conservatives, their position on the niqab of all things has given them traction in what is expected to be one of the closest elections on record. While Justin Trudeau has promised to fast-track the legalization of marijuana, the Conservatives are promising they’ll bring forward a law banning the face covering during the oath within 100 days, and plan to seek leave to appeal the Federal Court of Appeal ruling to the Supreme Court.
Two weeks are left before Canadian voters go to the polls. Past loyalties, loyalty to the candidate in your riding or blind trust should not be the guiding influences for voters. It is important to understand the issues and vote based on conviction. There is too much at stake.

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