Selena Gomez tell Niall Horan to stay away from Justin Bieber drama

Los Angeles, December 25 (CINEWS): Selena Gomez, 23, is attempting to keep her life as dramatization free as could be expected under the circumstances this Christmas season, and that implies staying far from her ex Justin Bieber, 21.niall horan

The “Sorry ” vocalist has been attempting to mix up a major pot of inconvenience by nagging her new man Niall Horan, 22, for insights regarding why his onetime companion would get included with his previous woman. has realized EXCLUSIVELY that Selena is asking Niall to stay out of the circumstance and not react at all to Justin’s steady messages!

“Justin needs to see his alleged companion in individual and stand up to him. He messaged him two or three messages however Niall isn’t connecting with, per Selena’s directions. She asked Niall not to get into it with Justin and to simply stay away from him until further notice. Niall doesn’t care for dramatization at any rate so he’s simply taking Selena’s recommendation,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. Astute move Selena, the exact opposite thing the new couple needs is Justin’s nosy personality getting all up in their business!

Moreover, Justin has truly no privilege to be irritating anybody about their affection life after it was uncovered he’s been having hot hookups with cougar Kourtney Kardashian, 36. The news came as a stunning hit to Selena, yet now that she has such a sweet, hot, attentive man in Niall, she shouldn’t be stressed any longer over Justin’s meandering ways.

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