Seminar on utilisation of neem for farming held in Tripura

Agartala, Sept. 16 (ANI): The Directorate of Biotechnology of Tripura in collaboration with Pesticide Formulation Technology of the Government of India organised a workshop on ‘Neem as a bio-pesticide and bio fertilizer for sustainable development’ for sensitization of farmers, faculty, media and research personals.

The one day workshop was organised at the Agartala Press Club. It was inaugurated by the state’s science, technology and environment minister Bijita Nath in presence of other dignitaries.

Various speakers at the workshop stressed on neem which is indigenous to India and have been in use for centuries in the Indian agriculture as best natural bio-pesticide and plant fertiliser.

They also highlighted on the need for adopting organic farming by including bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers which are very much necessary to not only save our future generation from the hazards due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides but also to save the soil health to get better yield.

Attempts were made to identify the technologies that farmers were using for pest control with neem based extracts before chemical agriculture came into the picture and bring back the lost confidence in their age-old methods. (ANI)

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