Senior Ghanaian official pays glowing tributes to Ambedkar

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Accra, April 16 (IANS) The president of the Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) here has paid glowing tributes to the memory of B.R. Ambedkar for the role he played in drafting of the Indian constitution, which set the stage for the campaign against all forms of discrimination in the country.

“Ambedkar’s life is an inspirational story of achievement to move against discrimination,” Osei Darkwa said, adding that his initiatives have influenced a lot of socio-economic policies in India.

Regarded as a social reformer, Ambedkar was an Indian jurist, economist, and a politician who led the campaign against class discrimination in India, He later became the country’s first law minister and is credited to be the architect of the Indian Constitution because he chaired the process.

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Speaking at a ceremony organized by the Indian High Commission in Accra to mark the 125 birth anniversary of Ambedkar, Darkwa said India had stood side by side with other countries to rid themselves out of colonialism. In addition, India has been In the forefront of the establishment of the regional bloc, made up of Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa (BRICS) to articulate the interest of Africa.

Darkwa said, the life of Ambedkar, who spent his life fighting against discrimination is an example to the rest of Africa to learn from to apply to root out oppression, discrimination and imperialism. Describing India as the biggest democracy in the world, he said, the country’s constitution has put in place laws that protect the right of everybody which has made the country’s history one that has been engaged in the protection of rights.

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Indian High Commissioner, Jeeva Sagar said India’s diversity baffles the world because in spite of the country’s size, diverse languages and dialects, the people have been able to keep their price and self-confidence.

He said India did not begin with the arrival of the British to colonise the country, and argued that the country’s diversity is what gave a sense of unity to the people when it took shape as a country. “We detest the caste system, and untouchability has become a crime punishable under law and the constitution has given pride to the people.

“The framers of our constitution not only understood our strengths but made sure no one took the country for granted,” Sagar said.

Answering questions on why there were still reports of defilement and rape of women in India, Sagar said: “We dona’t take pride in that”, adding that, “Attacks on the vulnerable in society is something we condemn. Defiling of women is a shameful act and a shameful thing for any nation.”

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