Seniors need to be vigilant in city parks


Last week grandparents of a 2-year-old were out on a stroll in the area of Dixie Road, south of Sandalwood Parkway East. It was fairly deserted in the afternoon when all of a sudden a man approached them, pushed the seniorsgrandmother to the ground and made off with her jewelry. The woman’s husband vainly tried to grab the thief but only managed to rip his blue shirt during the brief struggle. The shaken couple rushed off home with their grandchild and called the police.
There are two things that should not be done by seniors who go off on walks in the park. One is to avoid wearing gold chains that attract way too much attention in broad daylight and never try to engage a desperate thief as the senior citizen tried to do.
Summer is the time when hundreds of grandparents visit their children here in Canada. Sponsored seniors as well as visiting seniors tend to go out on walks in the neighborhood or in parks. It is advisable to avoid being out in parks at times when there aren’t people in the parks. The best times are mornings or evenings.
The grandparents who lost just some jewelry and found themselves with a few scrapes and bruises can consider themselves lucky.

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