Serena Williams confused over whole `Netflix and chill` thing!

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Washington D.C., Jan. 15 (ANI): Tennis star Serena Williams believes that a good way to build a strong relationship with someone is through confidence and class.

In fact, the tennis GOAT is so classy, she didn’t even know what the phrase “Netflix and chill’ meant until recently, reports

Recently the 34-year-old star was asked if she was “naïve” for thinking “Netflix and chill” actually meant Netflix and just hang out. Serena admitted to having the same mentality.

“I have to tell you, I thought the same exact thing. When I say ‘Netflix and chill,’ that’s what I mean,” she responded to the reader. “I guess you and I are just old-fashioned- if you can call Netflix old-fashioned!” (ANI)

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