‘Sex and the City’ helped people talk about their intimate lives: Sarah

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New Delhi, Sep 25 (IANS) Actress Sarah Jessica Parker says the “Sex and the City” franchise enabled people to talk about their intimate lives, who they authentically are and how they choose to live sexually.

“I think it has been good… people can talk about their intimate lives, that they have a voice in it, that they can be who they authentically are, whether it’s how they choose to live sexually or the kinds of exchanges they share with friends and intimate friends.

“I think for a while there was an emphasis on the sort of superficial stuff, which was always titillating and fun, but not as important as the journey of friendship and the search for home and love,” Parker told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, read a statement.

Parker discussed her new role as a publisher, her love for books and the legacy of “Sex and the City”. She also spoke about her company’s latest book “A Place for Us” and describes the novel as “a book for our times”.

Books are Parker’s “most relied upon companions”.

“I think my most relied upon companions are books – they allow you to escape to be in someone else’s life. The more foreign, the more it is unknown. The more unlike myself and my life, the more interesting I find it”

Parker also said she is proud of fellow “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon after her recent run for Governor of New York.

“(I am) Really proud of her. He (Andrew Cuomo) did well, and I think she was really important for the conversation. I think there were some discussions that matters to a lot of New Yorkers.

“I’m enormously proud of her, it must have been very scary, it is a big deal to take on Governor Cuomo and I’m really proud of her and she did it with such dignity,” she said.



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