Sex not taboo subject to youth anymore: Ranveer

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Ranveer…Trying to bring sex out of the closet.

Bollywood  actor Ranveer Singh says sex as a topic is not considered taboo by the youth any more even though it is considered “dirty” and “a stigma” by the larger population in the country.

“Sex in our country is a subject of stigma. For the longest time, sex in India has always been spoken and thought of as a dirty thing, a sleazy subject and always kept in the closet,” Ranveer said at a screening of the online series based on sex education “Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa”.

Though sex has been treated with double standards Kama Sutra which Vatsyayana compiled is considered to be the standard work on human sexual behaviour in Sanskrit literature.

Ranveer had made news when he endorsed a condom brand a few years ago and had also featured in some steamy ads.

“It was my own small way of shedding light on the changing perception about sex. Youngsters don’t look upon it as a taboo subject anymore, they don’t think about it as a dirty thing.

I wanted to try and bring sex out of the closet and make people understand that it is a beautiful thing… An expression of love. What’s most important is for the Indian youth to understand as much as they can about safe sex and sex education.

About his expectations from “Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa”, he said: “I hope it sends out a strong message to parents and to youngsters, adolescents and to anybody who watches to change their perspective on this subject of sex”. – CJNEWS

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