“Shah Rukh Khan is a match-fixer”

shah-rukh-khanMumbai, Sep 6 (CINEWS):  Sir, please help me ask a young lady to prom,” Sarthak asked for SRK through the online networking. He answered in a jiffy. “In the event that I ask her, she won’t go out with you… ha,” he laughed. In any case, Sarthak had his secret weapon. He printed the on-screen character’s tweet, stuck it on the back of his auto, included a few inflatable’s, roses and little endowments as embellishments, and drove around grounds behind his young lady. After a week, he told SRK, “Thank you, she said yes!” He has subsequent to been posting pictures of himself and his young lady painting the town red. Also, every photo is gone with a thank you to SRK for playing Cupid. The on-screen character’s useful tidbits: “Treat her with pride, delicacy, and affection. Also, bear in mind to pepper it with a touch of funkiness.” Shah Rukh Khan tries to win a Nobel Prize?

Shah Rukh Khan may have won the incalculable number of grants and respects. Be that as it may, it appears the genius is not yet fulfilled and aims for additional. As of late, the on-screen character, why should known cooperate with his fans on online networking, shared his mail list on Twitter. One of his tweets read, “Pail rundown (last I guarantee) Invent/do a Noble prize worth thingy??

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