Shah Rukh Khan just called this Jabra Fan wonderful and we’re so Desirous!!!

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Mumbai, Feburary 28 (CINEWS):  You have all the privilege to be a Shah Rukh Khan fan. That is to say, this man looks so fantastic even at 50 years old.

And after that his movies, the way he makes ladies go feeble in the knees, his acting, his sentiment, his meetings which are so loaded with life lessons, his comical inclination gracious we can continue forever raving about Khan who is in fact the Lord of everybody’s souls. In any case, the sort of adoration we share for him infrequently transforms into desire. Particularly when we see him applauding another person. Don’t you feel the same?

Like for instance this one. SRK shared this charming video of this fan who devoted one sweet execution on SRK’s most recent tune, Jabra Fan! The purity with which she’s moved is sufficient to win anybody’s heart. Furthermore, we trust that is precisely why Shah Rukh too couldn’t contain his feelings on seeing this fan execute as he tweeted saying, “You don’t suck by any stretch of the imagination… you are delightful! Aww!! Is it safe to say that he isn’t the sweetest of all? Presently in spite of the fact that we adore the way this fan has moved on Jabra Fan however the way that Shah Rukh called her lovely is making me somewhat envious. Try not to lie. I’m certain even you folks must plan to hear a compliment from SRK one day.

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