Shah Rukh Khan slapped by a lady!

Mumbai, March 1 (CINEWS): It becomes a major news when you discover that one of the country’s greatest stars got slapped by a lady, as it happened with Shah Rukh Khan.shahrukh-khan-123

Be that as it may, no, it’s not what you think… So at the late trailer dispatch occasion of SRK’s up and coming film, “Fan,” the performing artist made a couple truly genuine admissions. While a large portion of them interested us, some went ahead to stun us altogether.

While answering to a fan’s inquiry of whether he came to Mumbai by flight or via train, the on-screen character conceded that he, indeed, flew out to Mumbai via prepare and was even slapped by a lady on that very travel. Portraying the episode, Lord Khan said, “I traveled via train interestingly when I came to Mumbai. The train would transform into a nearby in the wake of entering Mumbai which I didn’t know about. So I didn’t give a couple individuals a chance to sit on my compartment saying that it is mine, ‘I paid for it.’ I offered it to a woman, however, saying, ‘you can sit yet I won’t give the men with you a chance to sit on my billet. Furthermore, that woman slapped me genuine hard saying that ‘it isn’t yours, it is everybody’s.’

All things considered, that is very much a brutal welcome to the city! No big surprise Khan recollects that it even after such a large number of years.

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