Shahid and Kangana broke the ice over a “veggie lover” discussion!

Mumbai, January 27 (CINEWS): The Rangoon co-stars had never truly talked till now. Their meets on the sets were somewhat formal, and finished at “Hi”. In any case, we hear that Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut have at long last broken the ice, and that too over the most arbitrary subject…Shahid-Kangna-1

Both Shahid and Kangana are veggie lovers! Everybody realizes that Sasha is a veggie lover, and has been proclaimed as the sexiest male vegan by PETA (he even transformed Kareena into a changeless vegan!). Be that as it may, that Kangy is a vegan is a lesser known certainty…

Indeed, even Shahid didn’t realize that Kangana is a veggie lover. So while they were having a discussion about nourishment amid a shoot succession, Kangana said: “I trust the sustenance is veggie lover”.

Shahid inquired as to whether she was one, and she said that she turned veggie lover a couple yeards back, and how it has helped her quiet down following the time when, next to loosing weight. Thus the two examined everything that can be talked about the theme, incorporating quality sustenance in vegetarianism!

Furthermore, that is the manner by which they got to be companions.

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