Shahid Kapoor would love to do another dance film

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At the point when Shahid Kapoor was offered the part of Tommy Singh in ‘Udta Punjab’ , little did he realise that the movie would go on to ruffle feathers and raise the political temperature hardly seen in recent times.

As indicated by the actor ,  he acted in the motion picture attributable to the executive Abhishek Chaubey’s own enthusiastic inclusion with the film’s subject. “The film is very close to his heart. When someone makes a film that he is so emotionally involved in, it resonates as a final product,” Shahid was quoted as saying in a report. The movie is now caught in a political storm over the portrayal of drug abuse in the state.

In the film, Shahid assumes the part of a druggie rock star, Tommy Singh. Calling ‘Udta Punjab’ a fearless film, Shahid said that he himself was unconscious of the rising medication trafficking in Punjab until the script was offered to him. Whenever inquired as to whether ‘Udta Punjab’ held back before depicting lives of individuals who are nearly connected with the medication issue or whether it tries to allude to an answer, the on-screen character said, I think the purpose of a film should be to create an emotional impact.” According to Shahid, the last thing a film should do is preach.

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Tommy Singh’s character intrigued Shahid. “Ten minutes into the script and I was wondering, ‘What is it that this man wants? What is he going to do next? My character is dark and he is an addict. He actually has no problem. He is his own problem. It’s all in his head,” said the actor.

For somebody who is a teetotaller and has never devoured drugs, how troublesome would it say it was for the actor to get into the skin of Tommy Singh’s character? By Shahid’s own confirmation, the main  jump that he confronted was his absence of information about the life of a someone who is addicted. The shoots were extremely tiring. Shahid’s mentor didn’t give him a chance to eat much since he needed to look a specific route, as his etched abs in the film notices recommend. The on-screen character is wanting to do a more casual part later on.

“With back to back roles in films like ‘Udta Punjab’ and ‘Rangoon’ , I need a light-hearted role next,”  said Shahid Kapoor. He would likewise love to do another dance  film. He started his vocation with passion  — dance — and just can’t get enough of it.   – CINEWS

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