Shama Sikandar to play lead in Vikram Bhatt’s adult web series

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Shama Sikandar…More intense than Fifty Shades of Grey.

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt is set to launch his own web series on YouTube titled Maaya, an adult love story that revolves around sex and BDSM (a variety of erotic practices or roleplaying).

Playing the siren in the series will be Shama Sikandar who said in an interview that Maaya is ‘a very intense adult love story’.

“It is about loving somebody and figuring out how to love your own self. It is about various characters in one person.There are various personalities within us, some our close friends know about, some our family knows and there is always that dark side which only we know about and no one else”.

Denying that the story is totally based on erotic Fifty Shades of Grey she says that some parts may  give a viewer a deja vu but it is a love story in a different angle. It is more intense and more realistic than Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Answering to a question whether she can call the series a story of a common woman the actress says  Maaya is all about what they want. So there is no need to make ‘sexual’ desires of a woman look scandalous. It is as natural as loving somebody or eating food or going to sleep. I have not met a single human being who has said that he/she doesn’t like sex. It is a natural feeling. We are born out of it. There is nothing bad or dirty about it. If it is so then our whole existence is dirty.”

“Today’s audience is craving for these types of stories portraying raw human feelings which sometimes clash with our social, cultural and religious stereotypes. Why do you think all these internet shows are becoming huge?”

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Asked whether it is difficult to shoot intimate scenes she said the scenes look erotic once they are shot due to techniques like lighting and editing but when we are shooting we use various methods and tricks.

Referring to her future projects she says she is working on another film but she is not allowed to talk about it. – CINEWS

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