Shama Sikander opens up about engaging bipolar identity issue

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Mumbai, March 7 (CINEWS): Performing artist Shama Sikander, who turned into a commonly recognized name with the mainstream television serial Yeh Meri Life Hai, is currently making waves with her short film on sex dependence, titled – Sexoholic. The performing artist was seen on-screen after a genuinely long time, and she identifies with about her long break.

I took this long hole for soul-seeking. I did a great deal of introspecting. I feel a large portion of us are frightened to do that as we would prefer not to blend our evil presences. Today, I have acknowledged myself in a superior way and say thanks to God for it. I have a superior comprehension of what I need to do and where I need to reach. The crevice was a gift as it helped me reconnect with my spirit.

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A year ago was a troublesome period for Shama as she fought with bipolar identity issue and gloom. Her association with on-screen character Alexx O’Neil didn’t work out, yet with the assistance of her companion (and now life partner) James Milliron, the performing artist went to the United States to get herself treated.

I am sharing this to tell everybody that individuals experiencing mental condition are not insane or had. There have compound issues in the working of their mind. What’s more, in today’s distressing times, sadness is ordinary. For the duration of our lives, we are taught to be great whatever the circumstance. I feel it’s not right. Folks ought to educate their children to be completely forthright, be genuine and be tolerating of themselves. It’s about how you manage your blessed messengers and your evil spirits. Truth be told, your evil presences require more love than your blessed messengers. I thank my family and companions for remaining by me. I am amazingly thankful to my specialist in the US and contemplation, which offered me some assistance with reclaiming my life.

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That is exceptionally valiant!

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