Sharmila Tagore : Our films are cultural heritage, not just entertainment

Mumbai, September 19 (CINEWS): We have to view films as our heritage and not just as entertainment,” Sharmila Tagore, who got her start in the film industry at the age of 13 with the final instalment of Satyajit Ray’s Apu trilogy, explained while pointing out the various reasons as to why classic Indian films were not being archived properly. While the restored Apu trilogy has now been screened in various cities across the globe, thereby fulfilling Ray’s wish of his work living on forever, Tagore talked about the many steps that still need to be taken to preserve films.sharmila-tagore

Sharing her experience of watching the restored version of the Apu trilogy, Sharmila Tagore recalls, “Recently, the restored Apu trilogy was screened in Los Angeles. I got so overwhelmed after seeing the crowd’s reaction that when I was asked to come on stage, I could not speak for a while. Then I said that it was quite an achievement for a Bengali to have nothing to say. After the screening, one of the members of the restoration team took me to see where they stored their film reels. It was an air-conditioned room and the reels were properly labelled. In the event that there is a power cut or load-shedding, they have a back-up plan to cope with it. We are, after all, talking about Los Angeles. In Kolkata or Delhi, unfortunately, there are no such facilities for the preservation of our films.”

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