Shawn Mendes is officially single!

Las Vegas, May 23 (IANS) Singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes publicly announced at the Billboard Music Awards 2016 that he is officially single.

During a red carpet interview, the “Stitches” hitmaker also revealed his dating deal breakers, reports

When Jason Kennedy, presenter of “Live From the Red Carpet”, asked the 17-year-old about his relationship status, he replied saying: “No girlfriend. But there’s probably a couple out there that I could find.”

The presenter then told him that they would play a game called “dating deal breakers”, which revealed some things that the singer could or could not tolerate in a relationship.

During the game, he admitted that he wouldn’t mind dating an actress. He also revealed that would be fine with the girl who loved bathroom selfies, Harry Potter, texting during movies and eating salads for dinner.

However, one thing that probably would leave him unimpressed was a lady with “fish lips”.

When asked about whether or not he would date someone with fish lips, Mendes joked: “You threw that down like you were about to kiss me. I’m definitely not okay with fish lips so please stay away from the fish lips.”



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