Sheetal Mafatlal reacts to misrepresented open takes note

Throughout the previous couple of weeks, Sheetal Mafatlal has been in the eye of a debate over the family fight encompassing their Pali Hill property . On May 20, it was accounted for that the socialite had posted an advert in daily papers, forewarning potential purchasers of any of the family properties, suggesting that she wasn’t going to go down without a prosecution war.sheetal-smriti--9-647_070415054144

Sheetal has now given an announcement: “I have not issued any of general society sees and neither have I moved out of my home. I’m stunned at this news. My legitimate group will lead an intensive examination on these said sees and the legal counselor by means of whom it has been issued. I’m additionally taking lawful guidance on this matter. The notification has been issued by one Advocate SA Tripathi, Opp Bhagwandas Showroom, Matunga, Mumbai – 400022. This address  does not exist. I have sent my legitimate group to the said location and they have affirmed that there is a chawl there with a Bhagwan Showroom and no promoter called SA Tripathi. I have never met, heard of or spoken to him. I fail to understand on what basis he has released this public notice and I am investigating how it was released without my consent. It’s strange that my lawyers were not contacted for verification and neither was any attempt made to locate the advocate. I would further like to state that I have not been contacted for any statement.” – CINEWS

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