Shocked Delhi-based writers demand quick justice for Kalburgi’s murder from Karnataka CM

New Delhi, Sept.6 (ANI): Shocked Delhi-based writers have forwarded a memorandum to Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, demanding quick justice for the murder of eminent Kannada writer, scholar and academic M.M. Kalburgi.

In their memorandum to the chief minister, which was forwarded through Vandana Gurnani, Resident Commissioner of Karnataka Bhavana, New Delhi, the Delhi-based writers said, “We condemn the heinous murder of a 77-year old veteran in unequivocal words. We mourn him deeply and hope that the bereaved get enough strength to weather this irretrievable loss. We request you, Sir, to help expedite the investigation into the cause of this murder and see that the perpetrators are brought to book and punished. We also request you to use your good offices to ensure that freedom of speech and thought is ensured in Karnataka.”

In their memorandum, the shocked writers further described Kalburgi as an eminent Kannada writer, scholar, and academic who had contributed to many fields of Kannada scholarship and enriched all of them.

They also said that he was an inspiring teacher who had trained a host of young scholars, and they in turn, had also made significant contributions to the world of Kannada letters.

“His service was recognized widely and reflected in the many prestigious awards conferred on him. His tenure as the Vice Chancellor of Kannada University, Hampi, was highly successful. He was deeply committed to the humane and rational teachings of Basavanna. He walked his talk. Like Basavanna, he was fearless in pursuing and speaking out truth. He often condemned and criticized cant and convention openly, as a result of which he exposed himself to the wrath of the orthodox, including those of his own community,” they said.

They said that for Kalburgi to succumb to the bullets of unidentified murderers in his home in Karnataka, a state widely known for tolerance of diverse views, was even more shocking.

“Whoever has committed this murder most foul, this bloody act has put terror into the hearts of those who believe in democratic dialogue and discussion,” they concluded. (ANI)

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