Short-term vision caused climate change, terrorism : Macron

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New Delhi, March 10 (IANS) French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday said greed and short-term vision of past leaders caused climate change and terrorism in the world.

“Most of the issues that we have today on climate, on terrorism are because our leaders had a short-term vision. They were greedy,” Macron said, adding that it was important to “think about long-term perspective” of things.

“Always think about preserving the balance between your country and the global environment.”

The French President is in India for a four-day visit that began on Friday evening. He was speaking at a town hall interaction session with students at Bikaner House here.

“We’re in middle of revolution on digital era and climate change. What we need is change in mindset, facilitate entrepreneurship, increase risk takers’ numbers. Artificial Intelligence is big game changer but you need to start it from the ground (level),” he said.

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He said education is the beginning of everything. “Have the best possible education. The less educated you are, the fewer opportunities you will get. Don’t consider everything in life is fixed at 25. Education is the starting point.”

“You shouldn’t overestimate your fears. There is fierce competition. Be ambitious, do your best!”

He said he wanted more exchange programmes to happen between India and France.

“I think we need more exchange between our people, our students. I want most of the researchers here to come to France. I want more Indians coming to my country,” he said.

“I want to double the number of Indian students coming to France and also want to increase the number of French students going to India,” he added.

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On being asked about the issue of gender and the initiatives taken by his government to bring equality, Macron said a series of decisions were taken against violence against women in France.

“Our society decided to change. People decided to speak. We took tough decisions… a series of decisions against violence.”

He also said that after he came to power, the representation of women increased in French Parliament.

“There was a 20 per cent representation earlier. After our government came to power, there was an increase, now about 50 per cent of the candidates are women,” he said.



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