Shotgun Sinha advises BJP to focus on ushering ‘Mangal Raj’ in Bihar

By Smita Prakash

Patna, Oct.28 (ANI): Advising the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to refrain from negativity and focus on bringing in ‘Mangal Raj’ in Bihar, actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha on Wednesday said his criticism of the BJP should be taken in a healthy manner and spirit.

“We should abstain from negativity where we are just calling names at each other, which is without logic or reason. I have already said on Twitter that we (BJP) should not use the term ‘Jungle Raj’ but should instead, tell the people how ‘Mangal Raj’ could be brought about in Bihar,” Sinha told ANI in an exclusive interview.

“As far as the party line is concerned, sometimes it happens that some of the party leaders mislead. Sometimes, for their own selfish motives, they put out their views and mislead the people. If I have said that there is no anti-incumbency against Nitish Kumar in Bihar, then you (BJP) should immediately prepare your roadmap that should consist of positivity and a vision for the development of Bihar and its people,” he added.

“We were practising a lot of negativity in Delhi, and in fact, we went too personal against Arvind Kejriwal. What was the result? Unfortunately, we had to face a very humiliating defeat,” he further said while referring to the February 2015 Delhi Assembly polls.

He asserted that if he was saying anything, it doesn’t mean that he was criticising the party.

“It should be taken as ‘healthy criticism’ that a brother is saying something. I am saying this because today, the prices of pulses have gone sky high. If the prices have escalated then it should be controlled. There are still two phases of the elections left. The issue of inflation is very important, especially during the elections. We have already cried tears over onion prices going sky high. So, if I am saying anything, then it should not be taken in a negative way,” he added. (ANI)

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