Should GO Transit bury parking lots?

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With land across the GTA becoming ever more expensive, does it really make much sense for Metrolinx to be building car parks, which essentially are nothing more than a condo for cars?

An example of such a parking lot can be seen at Mississauga’s Erindale GO and now Clarkson GO. These buildings came about as the existing car parking lots were simply not enough for the number of GO Transit users. So, this was the solution.

Speaking to some GO Transit users who park their vehicles at Erindale and other surface parking lots in Mississauga, it is clear that using public transport from their home to the GO station is either not practical or takes too much time. In many cases they have a car simply to drive themselves to and from the GO station everyday.

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While they would like to have city buses running more frequently and perhaps closer to their homes, it is definitely not feasible given the realities of suburban sprawl.

While there is a need to get more people to use public transit like the GO, ensuring there is a parking spot for them at the station is important if they have to consider taking the GO. But some wonder if given the land crunch if wasting a building to house cars is wise.

Better still, MetroLinx could consider a plan for other GO stations which will no doubt need additional parking in the years to come where the parking lot will be underground. The land above could be utilized for another condo complex where young professionals would like to live.

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If most big box stores, commercial plazas and office buildings buried their parking lots, it would free up hundreds of acres of land that could be re-purposed for something else. – CINEWS

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