Should landlords be forced to provide minimum cooling to renters?

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As summers in Ontario become more intense and temperatures now hover in the 30s for weeks on end, it may be time for the province to come up with a plan to ensure landlords provide a minimum cool temperature in summer. Currently, landlords are required by law to ensure their rental units are heated to at least 20 degrees. That requirement kicks in from September 1 to June 15.

Up until a few years ago, not having an air conditioner or central air conditioner was hardly an issue. One missed it only on a few really hot days in summer, otherwise a couple of fans for circulation did the trick. Not anymore.

The City of Toronto is studying the possibility of mandating a maximum indoor temperature at Toronto’s rental buildings.

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Under Mississauga’s property standards bylaws, landlords that provide air conditioning for renters must make sure they are in good working order.

In many rental units hydro is not included in what little rental properties are left in the city. So paying the high cost of running an air-conditioner through summer is often a tough choice for a renter living from one pay check to the next.

Many elderly and new immigrants renting, both economically vulnerable groups are most at risk to suffer heat-related issues. – CINEWS

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