Should Mississauga separate from Peel?

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Mississauga, April 8 (CINEWS): Separating from the Region of Peel is something Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie has resurrected once again after her former Mayor Hazel McCallion raised it twelve years ago.
A study will soon be underway to determine the pros and cons Mississauga leaving Peel.
As Mississauga has grown to become one of the country’s largest cities, its Mayor believes it is only befitting that the city has the power to control its own decisions and by extension, its destiny.
In any case Brampton and Caledon put their interests first, Brampton’s scrapping of their portion of the LRT is a case in point.
Being part of the Peel Region did make sense at one point but now millions are being squandered away as there are many duplication of services like transit, public works and planning.
“We are a distinct city, we have our own identity and this is an opportunity for us to go our own way and control our own destiny. We want the empirical evidence to really confirm that there are savings and that there will be benefits,” said Mayor Crombie in an interview with CBC.
Right now, Peel Region includes the cities of Mississauga and Brampton, as well as the town of Caledon, and has an estimated population of 1.4 million people.
Crombie said separation from Peel region should be on the ballot as a referendum item in the 2018 election if the study supports secession.
“Our voters aren’t getting good value because they’re under-represented at the region of Peel,” she said. “We provide about two-thirds of the tax levy at the region of Peel and we still have only 15 per cent of the vote.
“There are some inequities that have to be addressed and we just think it’s time,” Crombie said.
“Property tax was never intended to be collected to subsidize the property taxpayers of another municipality,” McCallion said at the time. “It was always intended to service the people within the boundaries of that municipality.”
Bringing back talk about Mississauga going its own way could well open a Pandora’s Box as there will be calls to get rid of other regions as well like York Region and Waterloo, which is also growing very rapidly and amenities there too are being duplicated with little or no benefit to the residents.
Besides the study, there also needs to be some good and healthy debate by residents after the study. At the end of the day, most residents of Brampton and Caledon will be concerned if their taxes increase as a result of Mississauga going its own way. Residents of Mississauga will on the other hand be all for separation if it means better services and lower taxes. The Jury will be out on that one.

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