Show to overcome peoples’ shortcomings launched

New Delhi, Oct 21 (IANS) A new digital show, centred on self-realisation, was launched on Wednesday on Sony LIV, a multi-screen media’s (MSM) digital video entertainment brand.

“LIV Shutter” will turn the spotlight on how the youth can push the limits of achievement and with a little positive nudge can overcome any shortcomings that they believe they possess.

It invites the viewers to be a part of an episode that gives them once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shed their inhibitions, shatter their fears, pick up the self-esteem and show the world what they got.

“LIV Shutter’s format is refreshingly new and something that our young and cosmopolitan audiences will connect with instantly. It is a show about finding your own hidden talent and unleashing your full potential.

“It is inspirational, snappy and extremely engaging, making it the perfect kind of entertainment to catch on-the-go on one’s preferred mobile device,” Uday Sodhi, executive vice president and head, Digital Entertainment, MSM, said in a statement.

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