Showbiz beginning to Rio Olympics

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Gisele Bündchen…Thought she was being mugged.

It’s a solid bet that at Friday night’s Rio Olympics opening ceremony, we’ll hear something from the late Brazilian Bossa Nova master Antonio Carlos Jobim if early reports are right.

Witnesses at Sunday’s dress rehearsal said Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen who married New England Patriots American foot ball star, Tom Brady, in 2009.walks out to Jobim’s The Girl From Ipanema in a controversial scene that since has been cut — it involved a street food vendor trying to take a selfie with her before being chased away by her security guards. (It was interpreted as her getting mugged.)

Those who have seen the show say it traces the history of Brazil, its music, conquests and contribution to the world, using a cast of 300 professional dancers, 5,000 volunteers, 12,000 different costumes, 2,000 light guns, 3,000 kilos of fireworks and 109 projectors — not to mention the 12,000 athletes who will march into the stadium behind their own samba bands, waving their countries’ flags. The spectacle will also feature British actress Judi Dench, who will read a poem alongside Brazilian film and TV star Fernanda Montenegro.

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