Sienna Miller wanted to be midwife

Los Angeles, Nov 2 (IANS) Actress Sienna Miller says she considered undertaking a course to become a midwife after the birth of her daughter Marlowe three years ago.

“I always knew I could not have been working in an office. Routine has always made me very uncomfortable but designing or working in a kitchen – why not?”

“I also thought about doing a midwife course after having a baby. I love music, but I do love my profession,” she told HELLO! Magazine.

The 33-year-old also said she feels “pressure” when it comes to balancing her family life and her job but feels if she works harder now, she’ll be able to be more flexible in the future, reports

“I do feel a sense of pressure in the sense that I have a three-year-old daughter now. But the time she starts school, it’s going to be harder for me to just take her with me when I am working. My idea is to work really hard now, so I can get to a point where I am more in control of the dates I am working …,” Miller said.

“I always feel something is compromised. I can’t focus on my work the way I want to and I often can’t focus on her as much as I’d like to.”

“This is what it is to be a working mother, but I need a creative outlet or I am not a happy person. I do struggle with the guilt of motherhood … so I am trying to learn how to delegate a little bit better,” Miller added.

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