Signing of civil nuclear pact a symbol of our mutual trust: PM Modi

London, Nov. 12 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said the conclusion of the civil nuclear agreement between India and the UK is a symbol of our mutual trust.

Prime Minister Modi, who was addressing a joint press conference along with his British counterpart David Cameron at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) here, said the familiarity of history, the extraordinary people-to-people ties and shared values give the ties between both sides a special character.

“The ties between our people are old, our goals are similar, our partnership is vibrant and our ties are always expanding. We have agreed to intensify our political dialogue and hold regular bilateral summits. The conclusion of the civil nuclear agreement is a symbol of our mutual trust and our resolve to combat climate change,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi said India attaches great value to the defence and security cooperation with UK, including regular exercises and defence trade and collaboration.

“This cooperation will grow. I am also pleased that UK will participate in the International Fleet Review in India in February 2016. UK will also be a strong partner in India’s defence modernisation plans, including our Make in India mission in defence sector,” said Prime Minister Modi.

“We will launch a fast track mechanism for UK investments in India, already a leading investor. The revival of India-UK CEO Forum is welcome. We will also increasingly raise funds in London’s financial market. I am pleased, but also believe it is natural, that we will issue a Railway Rupee Bond in London. This is where the journey of Indian Railways began,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi said the bilateral cooperation in clean energy will supplement India’s comprehensive and ambitious national plan on climate change.

He further said India is a vibrant democracy and is committed to peace.

“Everyone who believes in humanity is concerned about terrorism. I am happy to say India and Britain go shoulder to shoulder in the UN on talks about terrorism. Both India and Britain have lost lives to terrorism. So to combat terrorism, it isn’t just the responsibility of two nations. India and Britain agree on the definition of terrorism,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi also thanked Cameron for strong British support for India’s permanent membership of UNSC and membership of international export control regimes. (ANI)

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