Sikandar excited about his international projects

New Delhi, July 16 (IANS) Actor Sikandar Kher, who has been roped in for the American show “Sense8”, says he is excited about his international projects.

“I have a few more international projects in the pipeline. It’s great that we (Indian actors) are getting a chance to work in the West. Now, we have a chance to do so much more,” Sikandar told IANS here.

Without revealing more about the projects, he said that he is looking forward to “Sense8”, a series that tells the story about eight strangers from different parts of the world who suddenly become “sensates”, which means human beings who are mentally and emotionally linked.

“It’s a grey character. It’s interesting and a little mysterious. I have a small role in its second season. Hopefully, there will be some more of him in the third. It was great fun,” said the 34-year-old.

Though his father Anupam Kher also features in the show, Sikandar says there is no pressure on him.

“My father is 59 and I am 34. There is no scope for comparison…since he is so senior. So, there is no pressure,” he said.

On Indian television, Sikandar will be seen playing a negative character named Haroon Sherchan in “24: Season 2”, which also stars Anil Kapoor.



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