Singaporeans vote in general election

Singapore, Sep 11 (IANS) Singaporeans across the city-state went to their designated polling stations on Friday to vote in the general election.

A total of 832 polling stations in Singapore opened from 8 a.m. (local time) and will close at 8 p.m., Xinhua reported.

The ruling People’s Action Party are being challenged on all 89 parliamentary seats, the first time since Singapore’s independence from Malaysia in 1965.

Overseas Singapore citizens can also vote at 10 designated overseas polling stations, including Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, New York, Dubai, where a significant number of Singaporeans are present.

There are at least 2.45 million eligible voters, 4.7 percent higher than that of the 2011 election.

For the first time, voters born after Singapore’s independence in 1965 outnumbered those born before.

The younger voters, who demand for a diversity in the parliament, are expected to play an important role in the final say of this year’s election.

The parliamentary 89 seats were split into 16 group representation constituencies (GRCs), where the candidates from a contesting party is required to be fielded as a team, and 13 single member constituencies (SMCs).

After casting their votes, candidates and the public can also wait at 18 designated assembly centres to wait for the results of the general election, that usually come out at dawn the next day.

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