Sip your coffee tension-free, it’s no more a monster!

Washington DC, June 30 (ANI): The debate whether coffee is healthy or not has going on for long, but a century’s worth of research proves that coffee’s effects on human health is marginal at most unless a person belongs to some particularly sensitive group.

The choice to drink or abstain will neither shorten nor lengthen a person’s life in a noticeable way, reported Slate magazine.

The earliest observation in this context was done in 1927 when many working-class children drank a cup or more of coffee per day. The research’s initial result came out to be nothing but further observations claimed that coffee wasn’t harmful.

Further a study conducted in 1952 concluded that coffee fed throughout life exercised no unfavorable effect as indicated by disease or premature death but the research conducted in 1986 observed that drinking five or more cups of coffee per day nearly tripled the risk of coronary heart disease.

But only coffee cannot be held responsible for the increase in heart diseases as genetics, exercise, smoking, stress, and diet all play roles in this.

And the researchers now conclude that coffee prevents cancer, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and staves off diabetes.

The news could give a sigh of relief to Indians as well, for both hot and cold coffee based drinks have been increasingly becoming popular in the country. (ANI)

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