SL hires hangmen, advertises work as ‘light’

London, Oct. 16(ANI): The Sri Lankan Government has hired two executioners after advertising the job as ‘light administrative work only’.

Sri Lanka, which has de facto suspension of the death penalty since 1976, has seen a rise in demand for the death penalty due to rise in crimes including murders, rape and child abuse, reported the Independent.

There are over 1,116 convicts on the death row but the government has not executed anyone, despite the growing support for execution after the end of the 26-year civil war.

Last year, a hangman was recruited but he quit his job after he saw the gallows for the first time. Since then, finding a replacement has been difficult.

Prisons Commissioner General Rohana Pushpakumara said one has to be prepared for the event of execution whenever it happens, regardless what the government wants. (ANI)

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