Slowdown of refugee plan is broadly welcomed

Toronto, November 28 (CINEWS): Many Canadians are not at all disappointed with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who has just broken his first campaign promise of bringing in 25,000 Syrian refugees by the year-end. He conceded that at the end of the day it was prudent to delay the plan in the interest of ensuring it was done right.

“We looked at the logistics, we looked at what it would take to bring them in by Jan. 1, and we had options around that,” he told Metro Morning host Matt Galloway during a one on one interview in Ottawa earlier today.
“We need to make sure it’s done right,” Trudeau said. “The question that we’ve always had at the front of our mind as we were moving forward is ensuring that these 25,000 refugees have as successful a path as possible.”
But Trudeau’s enthusiasm for bringing Syrians displaced by conflict to Canada has not abated, and will take place in 2016.
Trudeau said welcoming refugees is positive for the country.
“This is not just about welcoming 25,000 Syrian refugees, this is about welcoming 25,000 new Canadians,” he said.
The new target is to bring 10,000 people to Canada by year’s end and the remainder in the first two months of 2016. All screening will be done outside Canada and priority will be given to re-settling refugee families, women and children and in a departure from the earlier plan, single and unaccompanied men won’t be part of this refugee wave over security concerns. But that part of the decision is being questioned by many who see this as inherently unfair. It means a 20-year-old son who cannot accompany his family neither can anLGBT member who may be fleeing not just IS but his own family. This is a tricky one, but to be expected given the times we live in. Ꮠ

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