Snapchat new challenge for FB, Twitter

New Delhi, Jan. 31 (ANI): Facebook and Twitter’s new challenge for sports talks is Snapchat.

According to TechCrunch, it has rolled new Live Score geofilters at every NBA arena and some other matches.

They let anyone attending overlay real-time updated score graphics atop their photos and videos.

Just last week, Live Score geofilters saw 20 million views from 51 games.

Snapchat is also still working with the NFL to produce Live Story compilations from the big games, and Live Score filters are available for those, too.

The goal is to become the preferred way people share and consume sports on social media so Snapchat can soak up the advertisements that follow.

It’s a cut-throat competition with Twitter, Moments, Hashtags, and Facebook with its reach and new stadium for sports chatter.

Live Score geofilters also take advantage of Snapchat’s unique feed. On Instagram or Twitter, repeatedly posting about a sports game can be annoying and will drown out everyone else in your friends’ feeds. On Facebook, real-time content often gets lost in the filtered feed.

But Snapchat condenses all the posts, no matter how many one shares into a single line in a friends’ Snap inbox or Stories list. It’s pull, not push, social media. Friends only see the posts if they actively look for them. (ANI)

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