Snapdeal Board to decide on IPO in five years or less: Kunal Bahl

New Delhi, Sept 19 (ANI): In a statement given to a source, Kunal Bahl, CEO Snapdeal, has said that the company will launch its IPO in India within five years.

Adding to this he said, “We want to make sure we continue to be a company that is based in India and domiciled in India and hopefully goes public in India.”

However, he is quick to add that an IPO is still some time away. “I think five years or less. But it’s really a decision for our board, not only my decision because we have to make sure that we build the necessary infrastructure and capability while we are still a private company.”

He also added that “The moment you become a public company, you have to start managing quarters and sometimes end up being short sighted in your investment cycles.” (ANI)

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