Snapshots of the India-Britain trade relationship

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* Britain ranks 12th in terms of India’s bilateral trade with individual countries.

* Also among just seven in 25 top countries with which India enjoys trade surplus.

* Bilateral trade was worth $14.02 billion in 2015-16; exports were $8.83 billion and imports $5.19 billion, giving India a positive trade balance of $3.64 billion.

* Britain is third largest investor in India with cumulative inward flow of $22.56 billion between 2000-2015.

* India is also the third largest investor in Britain with an estimated investment of $2.75 billion last year alone.

* Bilateral trade in services in 2014 amounted to around 2.5 billion pounds.

* There are an estimated more than 800 Indian-owned businesses in Britain with over 110,000 employees. Best known is Tata Motors making the Jaguar Land Rover.

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* Other Indian firms in Britain include IT, pharmaceutical, creative and financial services majors.

* India invests more in Britain than in the rest of Europe combined, as per the Confederation of Indian Industry



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