Snowden gets flooded with Twitter emails

New York, Oct 3 (IANS) Edward Snowden may have found the excitement around his joining Twitter flattering, but that has actually left him flabbergasted.

Snowden has been left grappling with what to do with a whopping 47GB of emails he has received from Twitter as he forgot to disable email notifications, reported.

As one could expect, Snowden was immediately inundated with followers, replies, favourites, DMs and re-tweets — all of which came with individual alerts to the NSA whistleblower’s email account.

For reference, Snowden currently has more than 1.26 million followers and his first tweet earlier this week has been ‘favourited’ 110,000 times with 120,000 re-tweets.

He shared his teachable moment and summed it all up with a hashtag: #LessonLearned.

He wrote: “I forgot to turn off notifications. Twitter sent me an email for each: Follow, Favourite, Re-tweet, DM, and 47 gigs of notifications.” #lessonlearned — Edward Snowden (@Snowden) October 1, 2015.

That amount of data is enough to drive anyone mad.

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