Sofia Vergara teases Ellen DeGeneres for not attending her marriage

Los Angeles, December 4 (CINEWS): Meet Mrs. Joe Manganiello! New off her special night to Turks and Caicos, Sofia Vergara made her first post-wedding television show appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday. Host Ellen DeGeneres started by apologizing to her visitor. “I’m sad I couldn’t make the wedding,” she said. “I acknowledge—”ELLEN AS SOFIA VERGARA

“You’re not by any stretch of the imagination sorry,” Sofia teased, cutting her off mid-sentence. “Why didn’t you try to go? It’s not caring for they’re not holding the creation for you for one day.” Ellen said she can’t put the show on hold as she needs to tape another scene consistently. “In the event that you would have had it around the local area [I would have attended], however, you had it in Florida,” she clarified.

“She’s talking like truly quick, so I don’t… ” Sofia clowned.

Sofia kept on teasing Ellen, saying she had wanted to bring a blessing pack from the wedding. Tragically, it was re-skilled. “I offered it to another person in my home,” she said. Jokes aside, Ellen said the wedding “looked lovely” however said she couldn’t accept there were “400 individuals” in participation. Sofia couldn’t trust it either, advising her, “It was my family and dearest companions.” The on-screen character included that her child, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, “was exceptionally eager to give me away.”

The TV star said her wedding “was similar to a fantasy, similar to a children’s story. Like, it turned out splendidly like how I needed. I need to say, the general population that works offering me some assistance with doing the wedding [were] astonishing!” Ellen noticed that it’s difficult to arrange a wedding that is away in light of the fact that “you can’t see anything until you’re there,” yet Sofia clowned that it was simple. “Yet, I recognized what I needed, so…” she said.

“Look how extreme she is,” Ellen said. “‘In any case, I realized what I needed”.

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