Sofia Vergara’s husband ‘loves her the way she is’

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Sofia Vergara…”She has inner fulfilment now”.

Sofia Vergara’s obsession with cosmetics isn’t necessary as far as her husband Joe Manganiello is concerned, though. She said that the actor, whom she wed in November 2015, “is the kind of guy that doesn’t see imperfections” and loves her as she is.

“He just thinks that I have a nice figure, great skin, great hair and that’s all he needs,” Sofia added.

Despite her enviable appearance, Sofia did admit she has one regret when it comes to how she’s practiced self-care in the past.

“In my 20s, I started to use sunblock on my face,” she said. “I wish I had put it on my chest too.”

Although Sofia added that she does apply proper protection now, she suspects the effort might be futile.
“I think it’s too late, but what can I do?” she said.

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The passage of time also means having to pay extra attention to her fitness goals too, Sofia explained.
“I have to work out my legs more because my knees are starting to look weird,” she confessed.
However, the physical changes the actress said she’s experiencing are a small price to pay compared to the inner fulfillment she has now.

“You’re more mature, you know what you want, you know what’s important and you don’t sweat the small stuff. I wish I had that knowledge in my 20s,” she said of aging.

However, it doesn’t sound like the “Modern Family” star is giving up her makeup arsenal anytime soon.
When asked when she feels her sexiest, Sofia said she wished she could say it’s when she’s fresh out of bed. “But that’s not true,” she said.

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“It’s when I have my hair and makeup completely done for work, that’s when I feel more sexy,” she said.

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