Sohail explains why he didn’t rein in Salman for Freaky Ali

Salman Khan...HIs busy schedule is one reason Sohail didn't offer him the role.

Salman Khan…His busy schedule is one reason Sohail didn’t offer him the role.

The question every one seems to be asking is why Sohail Khan did not cast his brother Salman Khan in his latest film Freaky Ali even though the actor had made four films with him earlier.

Using his big brother would have done wonders at the box office as his Jai Ho showed in 2014 by fetching him almost 200 crores at the domestic box office.

“The reason behind this is simple” Sohail says. “Freaky Ali is a simple film and Salman Khan is a larger than life star.”

He hints that time factor is one main reason that made him choose someone other than Salman for his film,

“A big film takes anywhere between 6 months to a year to reach the silver screen. We shot Freaky Ali in 45 days straight,” said Sohail adding that a busy star like Salman would not have been able devote time to do the film in straight 45 days,

Tubelight which finished its first schedule in Ladakh will be released in Eid 2017. The film’s director Kabir Khan has been in pre-production since the release of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and the film has only just completed its first schedule in Ladakh.

“I didn’t want Salman to take the attention away from the film. So we have only used the Salman Khan banner and the rest is all about the film and its lovable characters,” he said.

Nawazzudin Siddiqui has been part of many offbeat films but the latest from Sohail Khan Productions  is perhaps his freakiest role yet. Freaky Ali will release this September and Nawazuddin is rather upbeat about the golf film directed. – CINEWS

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