Some people think Ajay Devgn-Karan Johar row is arranged to promote their films

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If Ajay Devgan has an audio tape to prove the bribing why doesn’t he take legal action?

It seems that the Ajay Devgn and Kamaal R Khan (KRK) controversy is taking over the Bollywood industry!

If you are new to this controversy, let us explain all the pros and cons and allegedly how Bollywood film promotion works. In an earlier report we questioned whether it is the tip of the iceberg because it may have happened in the past too!

A few days ago, Ajay Devgan demanded an investigation against Karan Johar for allegedly paying KRK an exorbitant sum of money for tweeting positive reviews of his film and to bash Devgan’s. The funny thing is the two films are totally different. Johar’s is a rom-com and Devgn’s is an action flick.

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Bollywood was shocked! Can a person like Karan Johar, a celebrated talk show host, producer, director, and  added to that who comes from a filmie family stoop that low!

However, things got a little murkier when Ajay’s wife and close friend of Karan Johar, Kajol, took to her social media page to support her husband. Why not, he is her husband!

Bollywood fraternity is divided and we are yet to see a comment from the likes of Rishi Kapoor and the Big B who frequents the Twitter.

Atul Mohan, Editor of Complete Cinema feels Karan Johar is the wronged party. “Why would Karan Johar get into all this? And that too with so much of money which can be utilised in better marketing use. Have you heard of anyone who can openly say that I got so and so money from so and so maker for favours? Only KRK knows why he loves to get into all this and bring a bad name to himself and hamper the prospects of forthcoming films. We all should act like responsible grownups. We all are part of a big family.”

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Or cannot it be an arranged fight with the sole purpose of promoting both the movies coming out on the same day? Some feel that way too.

Critic Raja Sen promotes that theory. She feels that the controversy is part of a planned publicity strategy. “I feel this is just another publicity stunt, this time initiated by all the parties in unison in an attempt to drum up publicity for everyone. It’s all very Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and Taylor Swift, and I leave it to you to decide which is which.”

Karan on the subject said,” My self respect, reputation, company reputation and my upbringing don’t allow me to dignify this question with a response”.

If Devgn has an audio recording to prove the alleged Rs 25 lakh bribe to KRJ to promote Kjo’s film why not he consider taking legal action? – CINEWS

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