Sona Mohapatra, Sumit Sethi launch ‘The Punjab Project – Volume 1’

New Delhi, July 9 (IANS) Singer Sona Mohapatra and music producer Sumit Sethi on Thursday launched their new musical project “The Punjab Project – Volume 1”.

The album, which promises to put the spotlight on the rich culture and musical traditions of the state, features Mohapatra and is produced by Sethi. It was launched by

Volume 1 is a collection of eight songs, which also includes music videos. The first track “Neher vale pul” is a tribute to legendary singer Noor Jehan.

The album will be launched one track at a time with new tracks being unveiled every fortnight.

“Neher vale pul”, which was launched on Thursday, is a Punjabi folk tune popularised by Noor Jehan and which has now been recreated by Sethi in an electronic soundscape with contemporary lyrics by Paras Sunda.

The next track from the album will be released on August 5 and is an ode to legendary singer Surender Kaur.

“Making a cultural impact in my country as an artist is important to me and this album gives me an opportunity to do so. I have also always aspired to be part of the bridge that connects the ancient to the contemporary. ‘The Punjab Project’ is one such bridge.

“This genre of music production is not one that I’m associated with but I am very excited to be pushing the envelope with this new ‘folktronica’ genre. This will enable me to educate myself in the rich musical culture of Punjab and will also help me reach out to a brand new audience,” Mohapatra said.

Sethi said the album was very close to his heart, and a life altering experience.

“This is a life changing experience for me. It feels great to take a journey that helps one to achieve something that he has always dreamt of. ‘The Punjab Project’ is very close to my heart.”

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