Sonakshi Sinha to raise money for breast cancer patients

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As of late, we had reported that Sonakshi Sinha is set to go to Nepal on May 14 to raise money for people who were influenced by a earthquake a year ago. She will perform at an occasion that will be facilitated by the Nepal Army Wives Association .

Presently, we have been educated that the Sonakshi Sinha , who likes to do  painting in her free  time, has unloaded her artwork  to raise money  for  breast cancer  patients.

A source near Sonakshi uncovers, “The closeout occurred on May 8 in Mumbai. This is the first occasion when that Sonakshi has introduced her work of art at an open occasion. She just did for the good cause “.

Whenever reached, Sonakshi affirmed the news, and said, “I have been painting for some time now. Despite everything I’m still aatacthed o them (her work of art). I had been pondering what I ought to do next [with the paintings]. In this way, when I was approached to give something for a cause like breast cancer ‘Why not use my paintings?’ It feels great when you can use your talent to make a difference. I feel like my art has found its purpose.”

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