Sonam Kapoor finds another fan in Malala Yosoufzai!

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Mumbai, Feburary 25 (CINEWS):Sonam Kapoor has obviously risen as a champ after her Neerja’s prosperity. The entire of tinsel town has been humming with complimentary wishes for the performer as she has broken her sheltered zone and worked in a somewhat striking and bold film.

The film archived Skillet Am Flight 73′s flight chaperon Neerja Bhanot’s bold penance with a perspective to ensure the lives of the travelers. The episode occurred at Pakistan’s Karachi air terminal. Post this occurrence, the late air entertainer was even honored for her fortitude. Presently while a few fans were left heartbroken after the film, it figured out how to accumulate basic approval and commendation for it’s splendid delineation.

Be that as it may, turns out while Sonam made a few fans post her Neerja film, another courageous identity like Neerja herself was spotted getting a charge out of the film. Respectable Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai, was spotted at the screening of Neerja in London. That is super cool. Malala herself is a fearless young lady as did she take projectiles and make due as well as managed life dangers. So obviously, having an intrepid way to deal with life, Malala was more than intrigued to see Sonam’s film. In a private screening held in London, the 18 year old watched the film. The performing artist additionally expressed gratitude toward her for watching the film.

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Without a doubt Neerja is rockin’ the movies and giving individuals a trek down the world of fond memories where a blameless young lady was murdered.

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