Sonam Kapoor takes up aerial yoga!

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Mumbai, April, 30 (CINEWS): Sonam Kapoor likes to attempt diverse sorts of workouts to stay fit. A source says that she continues changing to new strategies to abstain from getting exhausted of a specific schedule.

Presently, Sonam has taken to aeronautical yoga. “She is truly partial to it. She was initially acquainted with it at a spa in Austria, when she had gone there for an excursion with her family as of late,” says the source.

Aerial  yoga consolidates conventional yoga asanas, Pilates and dance, and includes the utilization of a loft – an adaptable material, utilizing which one is suspended as a part of air.

Now that she’s back, the Bollywood performing artist needs to keep doing ethereal yoga in Mumbai also. “She needs to do it under the direction of an expert yoga educator. She has requested that her group get more data about the best place to do elevated yoga in the city,” includes the source.

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Despite repeated attempts, Sonam couldn’t be reached for a comment.

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