Sonam Nair trying to figure out her space in digital arena

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New Delhi, Sep 30 (IANS) “Gippi” director Sonam Nair says she is trying to figure out her space in the digital medium as she feels that it suits her and she considers it to be the future.

Nair had worked on producer Ekta Kapoor’s web series “Bewafaa sii Wafaa” last year. Her next — “The Trip 2” will premiere on October 5 on all bindass platforms including YouTube. She has more stories for the web.

“I am developing a couple of web series only. I have scripts which I think can be perfectly adapted for the web. I am trying to figure out my space in the digital arena. I feel it’s very suited to me,” Nair told IANS in a telephonic interview.

Whether it is a short film, a series or a film made for the web, she enjoys it.

“I am planning a series of feature film and a short film for the web. I feel like this is the future. This is where I need to invest my time,” said the director, whose successful 2013 film “Gippi” was backed by filmmaker Karan Johar.

Does this mean she won’t make movies for the big screen?

“I don’t know. I want to tell my story wherever. It doesn’t matter if it is on the big screen or not. Last year, I made a short film called ‘Khujli’ and actor Jackie Shroff got a Filmfare Award for it.

“So why should I restrict myself and wait till I get some actors to make a big budget film. I will write my story and whatever has to come my way, will come.”

Without sharing much about her upcoming web projects, she said: “I will stick to my voice which is modern, young and light-hearted.”

What she likes about the digital platform is that it lets her “take a lot of risks”.

“It is not dependent on big numbers or footfall in theatres. It is made with a smaller budget, has interesting stories and it’s more accessible. People will at least sample it.

“It’s not like they have to buy a Rs 500 ticket to watch it. There is much more freedom in work because you can tell the story that you want to tell. You get a chunk of audience who relate to it. That’s good.

“It doesn’t have to cater to everyone which is what films are becoming nowadays.”

She is currently excited about “The Trip 2”.

“When I came on board, I decided to put my own twist to it. I made it more ‘desi’, more sort of accessible and relatable to people who might not be able go to Thailand (like in the first season of the show) or have that kind of a glamorous vacation.

“This is more like a hurried road trip… an accidental road trip in India,” said Nair, who has directed and co-written the second season of “The Trip”.

“This season is very ‘masaledaar’ (spicy). I have tried to make it full ‘masala’ because I feel that is little bit missing on the web. They (web series) are becoming more cool and urban.”

It stars actresses Shweta Tripathi, Mallika Dua, Sapna Pabbi and Amyra Dastur.

One of the main reasons for her taking up the show was because she would get to work with women and tell their stories.

“The main focus is women and to make them wild, fun and confident.”

Does she only want to tell women-centric stories?

“That’s not usually what I think of, but I like to tell stories inspired from real life. My mind doesn’t work in really ‘fantastical’ ways. I see life around me and my own life. I take inspiration from that.

“I feel that my genre would be more like realistic comedy. I like light-hearted things because even when you are going through horrible things, you can find a light moment in it. I feel something that is light-hearted and relatable… that is my space and that’s perfect for the web I think,” she said.

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