Sonowal backs Mary Kom, other players, says they will get full financial support from Centre

New Delhi, Sept.24 (ANI): Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Sarbananda Sonowal said on Thursday that there was no question of anybody discriminating against Manipur-based champion boxer Mary Kom or any other player taking part in the forthcoming Olympics in Rio, Brazil, and added that all players will get full financial or any other support they require to perform to the best of their ability ahead of the 2016 Games.

“From our ministry side, whatever support the players are asking by submitting their proposal and also the federation we are fully supporting them. That’s why we are giving the adequate budget to all the federation. So, in the near future they ask anything more we are ready to support so this is the objective we have already set and this is the target we have set for the Rio Olympics,” Sonowal told media here.

Sonowal said that the ministry is ready to provide the best possible support to the players, so that they can bring a lot of medals this year.

“Our target is to bring more and more medal to the country and this time at least ten plus. and that is why we are like aiming to give the best possible support to our players who have been qualified for the Rio Olympic and so far we have already come to know that 52 players have qualified for Rio Olympic,” he added

Expressing his views on Indian boxer Mary Kom remarks that Ministry is not providing her adequate support as she is from east India, Sonowal said, “No we are always ready to support the players and whoever comes to us we are always there to support The players should not feel isolated we are always there to support them. This ministry’s main objective is to support the players.”(ANI)

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